USD16 million to improve education in Haiti

Caribbean Development Bank, November 26, 2018 Over 68,000 Haitian children are set to benefit from a wide-ranging education initiative – the Quality Enhancement in Public Education Project, which was launched recently by the Caribbean Development Bank. The Bank is putting USD16 million into the comprehensive USD18 million Project which will provide funding and technical support […]

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Grand Winners Celebrated in Cap-Haitien

Le Flambeau Foundation Inc., November 25, 2018 The grand winners of the recent fall 2018 session of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program were announced at a recognition ceremony held in Cap-Haitien Haiti at Institute Dr. Luc L. Colas on Saturday November 17, 2018.  Three winner certificates were presented with the grand winner also receiving […]

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Haiti prime minister promises jobs in answer to unrest

France24, 24 November 2018 PORT-AU-PRINCE (AFP) – Haiti’s Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant on Saturday promised a crash program to create jobs in poor neighborhoods after a tense week marred by violence and protests against the government. (Photo – Haitian police fire tear gas towards demonstrators in clashes during a protest in Port-au-Prince, on November 23, 2018 – […]

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Opponents of Haiti’s president want…

Opponents of Haiti’s president want him gone. His response: Wait your turn. Miami Herald, by Jacqueline Charles, November 21, 2018 Haiti President Jovenel Moïse, who had remained silent as calls for his resignation paralyzed the country with violence and protests in recent days, finally addressed the nation Wednesday, reminding Haitians that he is the elected president […]

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THE SPARK of Le Flambeau Winners 2018

THE SPARK of Le Flambeau is an on-line language exchange program focused on extending educational opportunities to bright under-served youth in Haiti, now in its eighth year.   The program aims to improve fluency in English language reading and writing in preparation for TOEFL and improve access to more immediate employment options in Haiti, for youth in […]

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Black Enterprise, by Selena Hill, November 5, 2018 Wanda Tima didn’t feel proud of her Haitian heritage as a child. “I grew up always hearing nothing but bad things about Haiti,” she told Black Enterprise. Born to Haitian parents in Turks and Caicos, the 35-year-old entrepreneur moved to a community in South Florida in the early 90’s […]

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Finding international markets for mangoes…

Turning past failures into present success: Finding international markets for mangoes from The Gambia Africa Business Insight, November 2018 In 2014, seasoned entrepreneur Momarr Mass Taal launched Tropingo Foods, a food processing and exporting company that adds value to local crops for export. Today, Tropingo Foods is one of the largest processors and exporters of […]

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World Human Rights Day Dec 10th 2018

December 10th is officially recognized throughout the world as Human Rights Day,  today celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights established in 1948.  Human rights is a topic that is front and center as we read the news and face shared realities around the world.  Did we walk forward, reverse, or stand still? The […]

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New vaccine launched in Haiti could…

New vaccine launched in Haiti could save up to 270,000 children a year Miami Herald, Jacqueline Charles, October 29, 2018 PORT-AU-PRINCE.  Haiti on Monday launched the introduction of another vaccine, this one to protect children against deadly pneumonia. The Ministry of Public Health said it will introduce the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (or PCV) into its national routine […]

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In Haiti, Day of the Dead Tradition

France 24, November 1, 2018 PORT-AU-PRINCE (AFP) – A few people, their faces whitened with talcum powder, wander the alleyways of the cemetery in Port-au-Prince. Photo:  AFP | Haitians honor the souls of the dead by dressing as voodoo spirits of death They are honoring the souls of the dead by dressing as voodoo spirits of […]

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